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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 Little Things 2008 Taught Me

1. Living with a 21 year old roommate is never boring.
2. Hearing your 21 year old roommate say, "my dad like, listens to the Beatles, but I don't really like, know what they sing," makes you want to impale yourself on your i-home.
3. Dogs really are man's...and woman' friends. Even smelly dogs.
4. In SoCal, when the weather girl says, "we can expect freezing temperatures," she means 59.
5. And, when your friends say, "let's meet at 7," they mean 8:30.
6. "Mean Girls" often peak in high school. Thank you Facebook.
7. Earthquakes feel more like swaying than shaking.
8. California is not as liberal as I thought. Down with Prop 8.
9. Virtual Memory means RAM and if you buy more you don't need to replace your laptop.
10. Joe Paterno should not retire...ever.

1 comment:

britborn said...

Great stories...can't wait for the next one.