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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eleven Things I Learned in 2011

This post is a little late because I'm very busy and important and I haven't had the time.  Except...I've managed to watch every single episode of Gossip Girl this season,  

Ok, let's do this.

Eleven Things I learned in 2011:
  1. I choose wine by the cuteness of the label and by how well it matches my kitchen. Boom. 
  2. You can miss a dog as much as you miss a human. 
  3. It takes exactly half an episode of Long Island Medium to become addicted. And, six and a half seconds to become a crying loser.  
  4. America really does have talent.  
  5. The actor's lifestyle is not for the lily-livered. 
  6. LA is very small world.  (and yet, I never seem to run into McDreamy...)  
  7. "Loving What Is" (Byron Katie) is just the Serenity Prayer, expanded.  
  8. The Cirque Du Soliel people are VERY bendy. 
  9. You CAN learn to like something you've hated your whole life.  Even when it's yogurt.
  10. Michale Cerra and Jessie Eisenberg are actually the same person. 
  11. My thumb is not black after all. It's gangrene.  RIP, plants number 1 thru 7.

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