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Saturday, July 4, 2009

There's Gonna Be Fireworks

ok, everyyyyone is bugging me to post something since the last post was a tribute to MJ and Farrah and a time to celebrate. Nothing is coming to me. So you're going to get whatever tumbles out of my head right now. Yay for you!

here goes...

Don't know much about history. fact. But, what i do know I learned not from history teachers or field trips. No, every important educational particle that penetrated my little pea brain came from another undeniably powerful source.

School. House. Rock.

Had it not been for the brilliant lyricists of team SHR, I would not have memorized the entire preamble to the Constitution (information that has proven to be extremely useful throughout my life...k, I'm lying.), know how a bill becomes a law or how a conjunction functions or that a noun is a person, place or thing.

Had I NOT spent a good portion of my childhood watching t.v. until my eyes bled (I feel I must mention that I was surely in the basement playing with my Barbie Town House during every math jingle. It's not their fault I still can't do long division), I would have missed said musical interludes and would, at this very moment in time, not know that an interjection shows excitement, or emotion, generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point, or a by a comma when the feeling's not as strong.

So I wouldn't be able to effectively do this...

Hooray! It's the 4th of July today! Rats, we have to work on Monday. honor of Independence Day...I leave you with this SHR video entitled Fireworks. Not their best work...but apropos to the day. Happy 4th! Enjoy...

And then go unpack your adjectives.

Oh and one last thing...VOTE for Girl About Town for Funniest Blog. Unless you think I suck. In which case you should VOTE anyway in honor of School House Rock. Or something like that.


Janet said...

And please...don't forget Interplanet Janet...She's a Galaxy Girl!!!

Love ya honey!!

Anonymous said...

Now, that was darn cute! (or should the comma and exclaimation point not be in that sentence?) This was a great way to talk about July 4th! Really cute video. Love your blog and think you are outside of creative! No standard picnic and beer blog from you.. Too cute!

Charlotte said...

I have the tape (audio, not video) of SHR! Kudos on the post!! I think we sang along together, in our youth, didn't we?

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever, clever!. You are one talented, witty writer. Love your blog - it's so funny and classy!

Gladys said...

I missed this piece of classic television perfection. I did however get to enjoy it when my own girl child was old enough to watch cartoons.

I loved the guy who sang "I'm Just A Bill" He used to be on the Merv Griffin show.